Dutch Insurance Exchange Association

VNAB knowledge and meeting centre

The former DNB branch office at Boompjes in Rotterdam now houses the VNAB knowledge and meeting centre. The centre of the corporate insurance market where professionals meet each other, work together and share their knowledge in an ambience that reflects the spirit of the new times.

The VNAB knowledge and meeting centre is now open, so all facilities and opportunities the centre has to offer are available to VNAB members and associate partners, such as various conference rooms, a flexible event floor complete with state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, parking space, top quality coffee, and a wide range of lunch and catering services.

It is also possible for other market-related parties to reserve rooms! For more information, go to the reservations page or contact us

VNAB knowledge and meeting centreDeparture address
ReceptionVNAB knowledge and meeting centre+31 (0)10 253 20 60receptie@vnab.nl
Voort, M.P. (Marianne) van derCommercial employee+31 (0)6 109 110 48m.vandervoort@vnab.nlLinkedIn
Centre of the marketThe new VNAB knowledge and meeting centre is literally the centre of the market. Several VNAB members and participants have their offices in the immediate vicinity of the building at Boompjes. Curious to know who they are? View a map of the area.
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