Dutch Insurance Exchange Association

Support Sanctionpl@tform

During and following implementation of the Sanctionpl@tform you’ll be supported by VNAB’s Functional Management Team, in collaboration with ICT partner Fenêtre. In case of problems with or questions about the use of the platform, this team is available for support. You can submit and report questions, errors (incidents) or requests (modifications), preferably via the specifically designed VNAB reporting portal. VNAB’s Functional Management Team can also be contacted by phone and e-mail.

The Functional Management Team is further available for questions/requests about the organisation and set-up of the Sanctionpl@tform. They also handle changes in the contact details of designated contacts and report administrators registered with the VNAB to circulate communications (designated contact) or submit reports (report administrator). 

Attention! Only the VNAB-registered report administrator of your organisation is authorised to submit reports.

Webservices Service Desk (Fenêtre)

Members who run up against problems while using web services, can turn to the e-ABS web services Service Desk of our ICT partner Fenêtre. Requests can be submitted by the designated contacts for web services registered with the Service Desk. Access to Fenêtre’s e-ABS web services Service Desk can be requested by e-mail to sanctie@vnab.nl.
Webservices Service Desk FenêtreTue and Thu 09:00 AM - 12.00 PM+31 (0)88 664 27 28eabs.service@fenetre.nlWebsite