Dutch Insurance Exchange Association
"Receiving the unconditional trust and support of my organization to insure corporate risks"

Working in the corporate insurance market

The insurance sector’s image is often described as dull and dry. Invisible to most people however, the corporate insurance market, or co-insurance market , includes a fascinating world of risk management at the highest level. Most companies couldn’t possibly operate without the co-insurance market. Take for example the construction of the North-South line, the Rijksmuseum or the Euromast, or the carriage by a large container ship. The financial risks for the companies concerned are too high to be borne by them or to be underwritten by a single insurer.

"The professional level in the co-insurance market is high, in more ways than one. The knowledge and expertise of parties are exceptional. The relations, but certainly the types of risks too, tend to be special. All this requires an equally high level of service. If you really want to provide added value as a risk specialist, you need the co-insurance market" - Daniel Dancewicz: Manager Claims (Schouten Zekerheid)

Young talent in the corporate insurance market

Close to 90 insurers and broker are active in the corporate insurance market, many of them VNAB members. Besides people with a degree in Economics, Business Administration and Law, college and university graduates with a technical background also find a place in this multi-faceted market. For intelligent, ambitious and inquisitive young people the corporate insurance market offers lots of opportunities for a challenging career.

There is no specific educational institution where you can study to be an insurer or broker. You learn by gaining practical experience. So most companies in the corporate insurance market offer on-the-job-training. Still, there is a wide range of training courses. The VNAB is developing an even wider range, in cooperation with its knowledge partners.

For current job vacancies in the corporate insurance market, visit the websites of our members. Need help to find a trainee post? Contact our knowledge management officer and read more on the page young professionals.

"The challenge of my job is to get the unconditional confidence and support of my employer, allowing me to underwrite and handle multi-million risks on a daily basis. And putting my own knowledge and skills to the test in the process to get the best possible result for all parties." - Bernadette Bode: Underwriter Liability (Zurich Global Corporate Benelux)

"When arranging insurance for commodities, you do not only have to consider the transport from A to B or the commodities that are stored somewhere in the world. You also have to take into account factors like the political climate, local laws and sanctions. All of these factors are constantly subject to change. In that sense, assessing a risk is a huge challenge." - Angela Pieneman: Senior Broker (H.W. Wood Limited)