Dutch Insurance Exchange Association

Young talent

Market visibility and attraction

The VNAB considers investing in young talent one of its priorities. Developments like ageing and higher life expectancy will reduce the working population. This will have an impact on our market too.

Although VNAB members don’t have any problems (yet) recruiting young talent, it is important to make sure our market continues to be visible and attractive to talented young people. As many young professionals find their way to the corporate insurance market by chance, it is essential to find out what 'pulls and binds' these youngsters and what we can do to retain them in the future.

The VNAB set up a market survey to get a clear insight and recently joined forces with Young InSurance to strengthen the ties between talented young people and the corporate insurance market.

Young InSurance Capital

Young InSurance Capital is an initiative of Young InSurance and several market players, serving as the bridge between youngsters and the corporate insurance market.

YI Capital gives youngsters the opportunity to be introduced to the market by taking a look behind the scenes at various market players (brokers, insurers or loss adjusters). By organising activities like in-house days and guest lectures, the participating companies stay tuned in to what pulls and binds youngsters and get in touch with interesting students.

Educational institutions play an important part in this initiative as well. They are in a position to advise students in their final year on career opportunities in the corporate insurance market. YI Capital aims to stimulate the transfer of knowledge and interaction between market, youngsters and educational institutions.

The VNAB supports YI Capital’s initiative and helps raise the professional standard of the platform.

Trainee post

Are you in the final stage of your bachelor’s or master’s degree and looking for a traineeship in the corporate insurance market? The VNAB might be able to help you. Even if you’re already working in the corporate insurance market but want to get a better sense of the work of a broker, insurer or loss adjuster, the VNAB might be of help. Contact the VNAB for more information.

"In my search for a trainee post I came across the VNAB website. Because of their coordinating function as an umbrella organisation, I sent them an e-mail, asking for help with my search for a traineeship. The VNAB immediately offered to forward my proposal to several relations. Not long after I received calls from two companies, including CMS lawyers, where I actually did end up.

My traineeship was intended to complete my thesis. So the emphasis was on writing my thesis, but I was also asked to help out with the multi-faceted cases the lawyers of this section were dealing with. I learned a lot from it. Especially about the commercial practice at a law firm and what it actually means to be a lawyer." – Mark van der Veen trainee at CMS (section Litigation & Insurance)