Dutch Insurance Exchange Association

Professional competence tool

The VNAB aims to have a comprehensive solution in place to maintain a permanent level of professional competence. This comprehensive solution is designed in the form of a professional competence tool enabling employees to keep their knowledge permanently up-to-date, but also maintain their level of professional competence beyond the statutory requirements.

Permanent updating

As of 1 January 2014 customer service employees are required to have up-to-date knowledge of their field. As this requirement is a non-defined standard, companies are free to decide how they keep their staff permanently up-to-date. The AFM outline stipulates that the objective of the relevant policy of a company must be that:

  • The customer service employee is permanently informed of the latest developments and
  • The customer service employee is able to apply the latest developments.

The implementation of the permanently up-to-date professional competence standard must at least meet these criteria.

VNAB professional competence tool

The VNAB has developed a professional competence tool which makes it easier for professionals in the corporate insurance market to maintain a permanent level of professional competence. This comprehensive solution features the following advantages:

  • User-friendly tool for the entire market
  • Insurance class-specific topical issues
  • E-portfolio
  • Permanent updating
  • Lunch & Learn @VNAB
  • Various training methods including Lunch & Learn @VNAB
  • Supply of topical articles in association with various VNAB knowledge partners
  • Central registration of all knowledge-related activities including in-company and VNAB events
  • Registration of skills/acquired competencies according to EVC [Erkenning van Verworven Competenties] (Recognition of Acquired Competencies).