Netherlands Insurance Exchange Association

Lunch & Learn @VNAB

In association with its knowledge and knowledge management adviser, Professor Mop van Tiggele LLM, the VNAB organises Lunch & Learn @VNAB. Members and partners are welcome to attend these meetings at the new VNAB knowledge and meeting centre.

Lunch & Learn @VNAB

The theme of Lunch & Learn @VNAB is knowledge (management). The VNAB organises a Lunch & Learn every other week with the aim of sharing industry-specific knowledge focussed on current trends. The Lunch & Learns are hosted by a pool of expert speakers who will address topics related to one of the insurance classes (property, marine, casualty or engineering) or a sector-wide theme. 

Lunch & Learn takes place on Mondays (even weeks) from 12.00 to 13.30 hours over sandwiches.


We hereby inform you that there are costs involved in attending a Lunch & Learn @VNAB. We charge an entry fee of €45.- (excl. VAT) per person per meeting. Entries can be cancelled without charge until 3 business days before the meeting. Invoicing takes place quarterly per organisation.