Dutch Insurance Exchange Association


The VNAB has several committees in place to support its activities. These committees are formed by VNAB members and primarily serve as a sounding board on various issues. Currently, the VNAB has five committees in place: Disputes Committee, Advisory Committee ICT, Legal Committee, HR Committee, and Marketing & Communication Committee. In addition, there are four technical committees for the insurance classes Engineering, Marine, Casualty and Property.

Disputes Committee

Mr. J.H. Wansink - Erasmus University (chairman)

Mr. F.W.P.T. Dado - Zurich Insurance

Mr. A.A. Klapwijk - MontClair Groep

Mr. J.G. Verkamman - HDI

Mr. R.G. Wagenvoord - Willis

Mr. J.A.I Wendt -  Secretary

Advisory Committee ICT

Mr. M. Bobeldijk - Allianz Benelux

Mr. R. Hoedemans - HDI

Mr. A. Klapwijk - MontClair Groep

Mr. H. Kreulen - MS Amlin

Mr. A.F. Lamme - Aon Risk Solutions

Mr. M.F.W. Ruijs - Marsh

Mr. B. Tasche - De Informatiegroep

Legal Committee

Ms. C.R. Pontvuijst - MS Amlin (chairwoman)

Mr. R. Boer - Aon Risk Solutions

Ms. E. de Groot-Tamis - Van Lanschot Chabot

Ms. M. Leliveld - Delta Lloyd Schadeverzekeringen

Ms. E. Nederlof - AIG

Ms. A.G. Verhoeven - Marsh

HR Committee

Mr. A. Bos - HDI Global SE (chairman)

Ms. I. Koot - De Goudse (Vice President)

Ms. L. van der Burg - RSA

Ms. K. Duindam - Raetsheren van Orden

Ms. J. van den Houten - Gebr. Sluyter

Ms. A. Paulides - Aon

Ms. S. Stoevelaar - Amlin

Technical Committees



Mr. A. van der Pluijm - Aon Risk Solutions (chairman)

Mr. W.J. Beekenkamp - Allianz Nederland Corporate

Mr. J. Bogaarts - Concordia de Keizer

Mr. R. Seinstra - Marsh

Mr. H. van Tongerloo - HDI

Mr. J. Weijer - Delta Lloyd Schadeverzekeringen



Mr. F. Schipper - Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (chairman)

Mr. H. Haver - Aon Risk Solutions

Mr. E.A. Koster - Willis

Ms. C. van Koten - Marsh B.V.

Mr. M.P.J. Mulder - Canopius Group



Mr. S. Laros - Delta Lloyd Schadeverzekeringen (chairman)

Mr. F.J. Koopmans - Mandema & Partners

Ms. D. van der Kramer - MS Amlin

Mr. V. Krijgsman - Marsh

Mr. P. Littooij - Chubb Insurance Company of Europe

Mr. J. Vilten - Amlin Europe

Mr. W. Wadie - Aon Risk Solutions



Mr. A.J. Mijnans - Aon Risk Solutions (chairman)

Mr. J.S. Fransen - HDI

Mr. S. Hofman - Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty SE

Ms. N. Nijhuis - Mandema & Partners

Mr. P. Pansier - Marsh

Mr. E. Ransdorp - MS Amlin

Disputes CommitteeChairmangeschillencommissie@vnab.nl
Advisory Committee ICTTh. (Theo) van Endhoven+31 (0)10 253 20 02+31 (0)6 532 447 01t.vanendhoven@vnab.nlLinkedIn
HR CommitteeM. (Martine) Laarman+31 (0)10 253 20 08m.laarman@vnab.nl
Legal CommitteeH. (Hans) Spieker LL.M.+31 (0)10 253 20 04h.spieker@vnab.nl
Technical CommitteesD. (Denise) Heijstek MSc+31 (0)10 253 20 63d.heijstek@vnab.nl