Netherlands Insurance Exchange Association

Administrative partnership

The administrative partnership gives access to e-ABS, which makes it of particular interest to loss adjusters involved in claim settlement in the corporate insurance market. It happens quite often that these organisations are requested by (bourse) brokers to connect to e-ABS.

As administrative partner you’ll have licence-based access to e-ABS. In practice you’ll work with the Claims module. The system facilitates digital, fast and efficient data exchange with insurers and brokers.

VNAB knowledge and meeting centre

As of March 2016, the former DNB branch office at Boompjes in Rotterdam houses the VNAB knowledge and meeting centre. The centre of the corporate insurance market, where professionals meet each other, work together and share their knowledge in an ambience that reflects the spirit of the new times. All facilities provided by the centre are available to VNAB members and partners, such as various conference rooms, free workstations for flex workers, a flexible event floor complete with state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, parking space, top quality coffee, and a wide range of lunch and catering services. As administrative partner of the VNAB you can reserve rooms at reduced rates.


Administrative partners are not VNAB members and therefore have no voting right. As administrative partner you only purchase (personal) licences to access e-ABS. For more information about the current rates, please contact the VNAB.

Want to join?

The membership procedure is as follows: after receipt of the completed application form, the VNAB deals with the application. In case of the application being rejected, it is possible to lodge an objection with the VNAB’s Disputes Committee. 

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Heijstek, D. (Denise)Manager Member Affairs & Marketing+31 (0)10 253 20 63+31 (0)6 283 635 13 d.heijstek@vnab.nlLinkedIn
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  • Access to e-ABS
  • Special licence fee 
  • Streamlined processes  
  • Efficient communications with brokers and insurers  
  • Efficient administrative processing
  • Admission to knowledge and meeting centre

Interested to attend VNAB events? Become associate partner.