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Week van het Veilig Ondernemen - The Rise of Cyber Risks within the Insurance Industry

16 juni 2021- 11:00 uur16 juni 2021- 12:15 uuronline

As a follow-up on the livestream ‘Security, risks and claims in balance’ the Dutch Association of Insurers and experts from FTI Consulting and Hiscox provide advice to insurance institutions globally to investigate and remediate cybercrime. These speakers bring extensive experience working for government and large financial and insurance institutions. This will be followed by a panel discussion moderated by Rory O’Brien of FTI consulting. In addition to asking questions via the chat function, the audience will be involved in the debate through polling questions. Join us to discuss the ways in which industry, can best defend against increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.

Recent months have seen a concerning proliferation of cybercrime schemes directed towards all financial institutions, including the insurance sector, specifically designed to disrupt business activity, and adversely affect customers. Such networks already pose a significant and growing threat globally, making it critical to better understand the mechanics of the threats in order to investigate, develop and implement effective and appropriate controls.

This livestream is open to members as well as other interested parties.

There are no costs for employees working for a member of the Dutch Association of Insurers. This stream is included in the membership.

For employees working for an organization affiliated with Adfiz, the fee is € 49 (excl. VAT).

For others interested the fee is € 69,- (excl. VAT).

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